Sunday, March 27, 2016

Letters to Tomorrow ~ Birthdays are a big deal

Dear Tomorrow,

It's not everyday that my very own Winnie the Pooh turns 29! Today, began in many different time zones. You will come into a family that takes birthdays very very seriously! I have met many people who don't care much for birthdays, but I truly think that every single day we get to be alive is a big deal. Actually, I won't speak for everyone, for me - every single day I get on this planet is a very big deal. The day we are born is a milestone that we randomly accord importance to every 365 (or 366) days, but it's an important one. So many around the world don't even get a chance at that. Life is a privilege. Many concern themselves with the life after or life later or life in eternity. But while we're here, it makes me sad that so many don't make the best of this one. This one is the one we all get to co-exist in; and in the next one or the after-one, we all may not make it - some may not accompany us in our version of nothingness, heaven, नर्क, reincarnation, purgatory - depending on our beliefs. But I hope that while we share paths in this life, we get to be kind, loving, and caring - no matter what happens at the end of this life.

Every single year that we continue to be - is a privilege, a gift, and a beautiful thing. Every year, every day, every moment that Dan has been here has been a gift to those around him, and I am pretty darn happy that I get to be one of them. When you get to be from different parts of the world, you get to celebrate a very long birthday and for someone who likes birthdays - it's a fun thing to have such a long birthday. 

Today was extra super special because we got to be back in Wisconsin celebrating Dan where his story began and celebrated with his whole family. This Pooh bear turned 29 and it's a pretty big deal.

I wish you many many years - you deserve it - you'll be a pretty big deal to someone(s).



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