Friday, March 18, 2016

Letters to Tomorrow ~ Change is Permanent

Dear Tomorrow,

Nothing lasts forever. Except plastic flowers.

I read that when I was 15 and it stuck somewhere in between my thoughtful and humorous neuron hub.

I truly believe that nothing lasts forever, but I don't know if I fully understand or accept that. I want some things to last forever, to never cease being, to surpass all chains of time. But I don't believe that can happen.

And I'm learning to accept that. Until yesterday the sun was shining down on us, and today the ground has received a fresh fluffy carpet from the clouds. That's just it - things change. Sometimes fast, sometimes not. Sometimes for the better, and other times leaving open wounds in the wake of their change.

There's unfairness in it. And deep within, there's also beauty in it.

Today, I saw something beautiful. And I'm going to hold on to it.



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