Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Letters to Tomorrow ~ Each Little Drop

I watched with intrigue,
Each drop, as it fell,
Caressing the landscape of its path,
Swallowing each littler drop on the way.
Gravity, slowly prevailing.
Hastily, they plunge downward.
Running toward what?
Rushing from whom?

Each drop gathering others,
Gathering momentum,
Till it can hold no more.
And in shedding a part of itself,
A little dew from its whole,
It lightens enough to grow strong again.
Whole again.
After letting go that which
Pulled it down,
To icy puddles of grays.
Puddles that drink them alive
Into bogs of homogeneity.

I can't find that first drop.
It's either drowning in the puddle,
Or holding on for a quick ride
On my windshield wipers.
Either way it was just a little drop,
And it came all the way to my car,
From some distant unknowing ocean.

Dear Tomorrow,

It snowed today. Rain slowly turned into fat fluffy flakes that seemed to disintegrate into delicate delicious drops, the instant they kissed the hot concrete. Rainy days are my favorite, especially because they represent a reprieve from smoldering summer days of my childhood. Rainy days are rare here in dry Colorado, so I treated myself to hot chai and samosas. Somehow nothing feels more perfect to chew on and hold a steaming mug of while dancing to the pitter-patter music those elusive drops make. Today's noisy rain quickly turned into a silent movie-like shower of soft cottony snowflakes. The kind that just make me want to stick my tongue out and let their cold edges fall gracefully and tastelessly into my playful mouth. I decided to drive into the hills to watch the snow fall from a higher point between errands. I parked my car at the edge of a hill, gazing at a deer family skittishly grazing on cold spring grass, and zooming out to focus on the drops of ice and snow dancing on my windshield. I watched each little drop become bigger - from something so small to a monumental cluster. Only to wither away. And there was so much poetry in it. 

I can't wait to go on gazing adventures with you.



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