Saturday, March 12, 2016

Letters to Tomorrow ~ How did we get into this mess?

Dear Tomorrow,

Today, I'm terrified of all the things in history
that should never be repeated.
So many fought to set so many free
and here I sit, feeling hopeless, feeling defeated.

Today, I'm overrun with confusion
that comes from a man and his followers.
They're misguided, misleading, fueled by his delusion
that he actually understands what matters.

Today, I'm overwhelmed and mourning
a loss of humanity, a loss of memory.
We can't seem to see the warning
it only took 71 years to forget history.

Today, I'm distraught about the future I'll give you
who will lead, who will triumph?
It's hard to tell in this world you'll come into
but I sure hope it isn't Drumpf.

Tomorrow, I'll look back at this day wondering
If I knew, if I tried to do something different.
To stop this history slowly in the making 
as a woman, a person of color, an immigrant.

I'm afraid of tomorrow and what it may bring
This onslaught of fear is tireless.
I'm unsure: how to stop this, what should I be doing
and how on earth did we get into this mess?

Confused and worried,


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