Friday, March 18, 2016

Letters to Tomorrow ~ Jump-off-a-Cliffiness

Dear Tomorrow,

Today, Dan and I jumped off some cliffs. My fear of heights, speed, and falling in general prevent me from having done that literally, but there were cliffs and we jumped to action. A few days ago I wrote to you about my naive jump-off-a-cliffiness quality. Well, I'm not the only one with it. 

Late last night, Dan was expressing how excited he was for the start of his spring break today. Minutes later, he suggested with adequate enthusiasm to wake the dead, that we should go to Santa Fe! A trip to Santa Fe was meant to be my birthday present and we have more to celebrate than my birthday - Dan's birthday, his job, my return, good health, loving families, and being alive! I was hesitant - it had been snowing since 8am on Thursday and outside our house it seemed we had already accumulated about 8 - 9 inches. We looked at the forecast. "Sunny in Santa Fe, baby!" was all Dan said about 5 times. I looked at the weather in Boulder, on the highways, and in cities we'd be crossing. Snow. More snow. Winter weather advisories. 

Snow today, still here tomorrow.
You will learn someday that Dan is rather...determined. By this time, he was packing up his medicines and looking for Airbnbs! "Sunny in Santa Fe, baby!"

And he (or was right - it really was sunny! 

We were packed and ready to leave right after he got back from work and the snow seemed to give way to light blue skies as we left a blowing blustering Boulder behind us. Snow and its icy rain cousin followed us all the way through Colorado. To exit Colorado into New Mexico, one must traverse the beautiful Raton Pass at an exquisite 7,835 feet. This tall topographical feature serves as a perfect barrier to icy snow trying to travel south for the spring. It was a most magical sight going from fluttery icy snow to bright clear skies in a matter of minutes and the chance crossing of a border. 

What a difference a mountain can make! Colorado above, New Mexico below.
We love New Mexico (what little we've seen of it!) - we loved Santa Fe so much on our trip here two years ago, that we had to come back for more adobe, sopaipillas, margaritas, Kasha-Katuwe hikes, colorful license plates, and the chilled-outness of this city. It's a geologic, topographic, cultural, and gastronomic treat to be here and I'm so excited for the next few days! 

Dan texted me in the middle of his morning when I was sharing all my misgivings of driving in the snow, etc. He wrote, yolo. A silly acronym for something our generation has usurped from generations before us about what they knew to be true - this life is a gift - live it well, live it to its fullest, live it wholly, live it responsibly, live it sustainably, live it once, and enjoy every cliff you jump off of. 

Do you know the way to Santa Fe?
I hope generations after ours find their acronym and live it too.



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