Monday, March 7, 2016

Letters to Tomorrow ~ Know when to let go

Dear ________________,

when that heart of yours cries so loud
you can hear it echo in your chest
reach in
grab it
yank it out

hold it with dignity
the respect you greet a hero with
returned from war-torn worlds
for it deserves
all the respect you can muster
some love too

your heart needs you more than ever
to beat
to make all the love it can
to keep trying
with all the hope it has
so beat on, heart

beat wildly like no one's watching
beat stupidly so no one will care
falter less, stand strong
hurt openly, accept when you're wrong
know when to walk into a mess
and know when to concede
when you look down and see
you have not a single broom, no mop in hand
to clean up this rubble
to pick up your own pieces
when your heart didn't beat as planned
have the courage to walk away
let your heart race ahead
cajole it to go slow
when you've only got a little red in your gray
know when to let go



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