Friday, March 11, 2016

Letters to Tomorrow ~ Little Moments

Dear Tomorrow,

Today was filled with little things woven into big things. Like the strands of light streaming through a bamboo fence, little beams of positive light found their way into our day.

When I was younger, I used to think that when I got older, life would come to me in discreet phases. Good, bad. Good, bad. Good, bad. If only life was so perfectly dual. My childhood wasn't based on this binary, but then again, my childhood wasn't the most normal. (That's a skeleton that will need to emerge from the cupboard in another letter.) Often, I confuse myself...if my childhood didn't follow a good-bad rehearsed routine, why did I expect my adulthood to?

I did though.

And I was wrong.

The world, all its people, (and I believe) all the multiverses of worlds are too big for life to be simply good or bad. I will work hard every day to make your life good - no - the best it can be. But it won't always be perfect. Sometimes you'll be swimming in the radiance of your joy and will be surrounded by love and respect. Sometimes you'll be drowning in your own despair and will be surrounded by uncertainty and doubts. Sometimes both will happen at once. And there's beauty in that too - like the weak rainbow that falters to its knees after a summertime storm that embodies hope. And sometimes on those stormy days, weeks, months, there will be moments when the sun will leap out and tempt you to go out and play. 

I wish you the courage to seize those moments. However fleeting, however ephemeral. I hope you find ways to get back on your feet and live those little moments.



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