Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Letters to Tomorrow ~ Our Day Will Come

At least we get a day.

A day to remember all the backs we stand on -
Backs ripe with slashes of discouragement,
Bleeding from knowing that the world
will never see us as whole, as competent.

A day to remember all the hands worn from humiliation - 
Hands that held tired children, consoled broken dreams,
Dreams left behind in a world that doesn't understand
the language that women dream in, that women speak.

A day to remember all the mouths that changed history - 
Mouths delivering ideas that women birthed,
Quietly from conception to loud labor
bearing all the promises that have ripened, that have hurt.

A day to remember all the laps, holds, and cradles - 
Cooing us through hopelessness to summon,
The courage needed to fight for
to remember, honor, and love every woman.

At least we get a day.

Dear ____________,

Today, all over the world people are meant to honor women. We get a day in the year to be pedestalized. A day to have a Google doodle. A day for us to Google "famous female scientists". A day for the menstruating sequestered girl in the corner to become a heroine. A day for us to shower flowers and write messages of love and admiration in cards. A day for so many thousands of women to be more than women - to be treated as human. So many additional thousands will not know the difference between today and tomorrow. Yesterday, they were being shunned. Today, they are being ignored. Tomorrow, they will be marginalized. Some transgender and intersex folks might even say to cisgender women - "Hey! At least you get a damn day!" 

I hope the world you come into will be one where everyday will be a day to honor all people. But I think that makes me a dreamer. 

I hope I'm not the only one.



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