Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Letters to Tomorrow ~ The Road Less Traveled

Dear Tomorrow,

Sometimes the road less traveled can be difficult.

We live in a funny world where being different (only in certain ways) is rewarded. Often times it’s not. At other times, it’s even a cause for persecution. Dan and I don’t have the most normal story about how we got to where we are together. A boy from Colorado meeting a girl from New Delhi and not ever seeing each other before falling face over toes in love with one another, is far from what the world will box as usual. We took a road not often traveled on with the risks we took to be with one another and, we got lucky. We worked our butts off too. It wasn’t easy and many parts of it are still sometimes challenging and filled with confusing forks, detours, road blocks, and untimely road constructions (being a brown immigrant in a white country; speaking different languages; having different cultural expectations; uniting two colorful families; supporting one another through cultural nuances of the world we live in, and some more). And there are and have been tremendous sources of joy and fulfillment that are reasons to keep walking on this road together. These are times when the road ahead is clear, scenic, and filled with goodness.

One of these many sources of joy are shared moments and experiences. Today, we took a road less traveled. On our return from Santa Fe to Boulder, we decided to explore other routes to see more of the two states. We meandered, fought and won in a routing match with the GPS, let go of directions, danced, sang, practiced our Spanish, drove and stopped to breathe in the hues of Rio Grande Gorge, took 68 North, then got into 159 North through Sangre de Cristo, and then got stuck behind some slow cars, got to experience what driving at 103 mph feels like, and found a lot in one another while being lost on the road.

The drivers!

The lovely geographical art in NM!

Rio Grande

Breathing in this beauty
We also got to share another experience (and check off something from our Colorado Bucket List!) that we both enjoy – watching a movie and supporting our local creative offbeat theater that has the best shakes and wraps! The movie led to some conversations about savior culture, and the experience of being near each other – enjoying a yummy dinner in semi-darkness – was filling.

Yummy yummy food and happy movie-watchers!
Sometimes the road less traveled can be tumultuous and disappointing. And sometimes it can lead you to finding love, warmth, adventure, and a life worth living.

I wish you the courage to find, make, and walk on paths that are yours and fulfilling.



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