Saturday, March 19, 2016

Letters to Tomorrow ~ Take a trip to the multiverse once in a while

Dear Tomorrow,

Today was trippy. When you begin with a breakfast at Tecolote that will last you till lunch time (really), and then find your way to a playground for your imagination, you know you've done okay. To top it off if you find art to stare at for a while and get to make a dinner out of sopaipillas at El Milagro- it's a darn good day. 

While at this interactive art exhibit - Meow Wolf - we got to go to The House of Eternal Return and through different paradigms, perhaps universes, I'm not sure. Either way, it totally transported me and Dan  to another world. The world you will come to may be so different from ours and places like these might become museums of life in the early 21st century. 

Inside the life-size psychedelic aquarium

Avocado fries?!

Inside the fridge!

Dinosaur bones make excellent drums!

Handmade cotton earrings from a vending machine
Either way, whether it was drinking a cup of coffee in the morning sun among spring daffodils, enjoying a bread basket for breakfast, finding live graffiti artists and hidden graffiti alleys, sending good vibes to young waiters dropping food, seeing snow capped peaks in a distance while picnicking next to a 20 foot spider sculpture, watching a 3D printer print magic, walking on psychedelic carpets, ambling inside a refrigerator, playing laser harps, getting earrings from a vending machine, sitting on a suspended metal bench, playing Mario Kart in an arcade, looking looking looking at railway tracks, or ordering more sopaipillas after the kitchen closed...I loved our trip into these multiverses. 

Watch out, Dan!!

One day, you'll be a part of our universe. And it'll be something.



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