Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Letters to Tomorrow ~ Wishes for Tomorrow

Dear Tomorrow,

Moonbeam and Sunshine!
Today, I have some wishes for you. Today, we got to see Mary, Mom’s old friend, and after all the years that Mom has known this wonderful person, it’s so special to see their relationship almost just as it used to be! Her sense of life and humor are contagious and it’s so wonderful to be around that. Then we got to spend time with Uncle Scott, who’s love for life and generous joy bring warmth! In the evening, we celebrated Dad’s birthday. It was a rainy day, but all the laughter and memories held enough metaphorical sunshine for me. I love watching and being around Grandma and Grandpa. I love seeing their love and experiencing their legacy. It’s really something to see a couple after 60 years (minus 1 day) and be a part of their loving family.

Happy Birthday, Dad!!

So, Tomorrow, I have some wishes for you.

I wish that…
When life becomes tighter than a gnat’s butt,
and I might be dipped in weasel snot when it’s hotter,
I hope I will have a big enough gut,
to stomach buttered kumquats and rainwater!

I wish that…
When I’ve got a hand like a foot,
I have the sense to know,
it’s no good cob crushing, all goes kaput,
and there’s a methane buildup that could blow!

I wish that…
Life is a pot licker,
like rolling balls on a grapefruit,
that when I encounter a rotten leaker,
I know to tell them the truth!

I wish that…
I could sometimes be honest and real,
and tell it like it is,
“May the fleas of a 1,000 camels,
infest in your armpits!”

There’s so much wisdom,
hiding in each saying.
In addition to the wisdom,
there's entertainment during card playing!



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