Thursday, March 3, 2016

Letters to Tomorrow ~ This, That, and Everything in Between

Dear ___________,

You have not yet entered this world in sentient form. But we, here of the present, dream about you. We are working hard to build a world worthy of you - for you to call your own one day.

Tonight, Dan and I watched the Republican debate and not for the first time, and I am sad to say, not for the last, I was saddened by our present and frightened for our future. In the past few years, Dan and I have become more ready to talk about bringing you to this world. We've gone from avoidance, to confrontation, to denial, to abeyance, to a semblance of readiness. We're at the point where we're excited to imagine what a world with you in it would look, feel, and be like.

Daily tribulations and special moments aside, I wonder what our world would be like. So I decided to begin writing to you.

(You are not alive yet, but that doesn't stop us from dreaming about you.)

I decided to begin writing about this world we live in, the journeys Dan and I have been on, and our constant dance with the world around us. Through these letters, I hope I will share with you a little glimpse into the world of your future parents, our dreams, our fears, and more.

Tonight I worried for our future. Dan and I have had such a journey and past, and that's a letter for another day. But today, I want to say that the world we live in is so many things all at once. It is broken. It is catcalling and cruel. It is abusive. It is slowly withering in a sea of climate change that our hands are bloody with. It is craving for love. It is depleting forests and hate crimes. It is mass shootings and beheadings. It is racism and having to leave your home with nothing in your pockets but a pence of hope and a beating heart. It is hopelessness enveloped in tired activism. And. It is the flatirons I stare at each day. It is Dan's hand holding mine. It is mummy's phone call at exactly the same time everyday. It is listening to new music in mom and dad's house while playing Spades. It is a flock of geese unaware of humans. It is the first sound of sunrise every morning. It is the oozing warmth of hot chocolate fudge. It is dancing with you eyes closed. It is watching a school change lives in a community. It is hearing a 5 year old being an upstander. It is the last leaf of fall stubbornly holding on the a branch and the fresh smell of spring grass. It is the smell of a newborn puppy and the smile of an aging mouth. It is not being able to feel your nose in the snow and a political activist sparking a global movement of equality. It is shouting loudly at a rally in the safety of thousand protesters. It is the right to civilly disobey. It is learning about the age of the earth and eradicating life threatening diseases. It is this, that, and everything in between.

And I hope very much that it will be a world that is kind, welcoming, and a world you'd want to call your own whenever you decide to come to our lives.



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