Thursday, April 14, 2016

Letters to Tomorrow ~ Everything Changes

Dear Tomorrow,

My slow goodbyes to Colorado have begun.

Mentally and emotionally, Dan and I differ on how we face transitions. I know we both feel sadness around leaving our home of over 5 years and our first home together. I know we both feel excitement and trepidation holding our new journey tightly. And I know we express our feelings differently. I know our life circumstances are about to change with our move to a new place, and for my well-being, I need to start my goodbye process now.

Today I began saying goodbye to the beautiful yet, what feels like an ephemeral spring. I smelled lots of flowers and let myself bathe in the shelter of trees that took me back to my childhood (and one day will take me back to our home in Boulder). I watched the sky for a long time, with the mountains, everlasting, the opposite of ephemeral, standing proudly, watching me watch the sky that betrayed no hints of what was about to happen in 12 hours. I hope you'll find with kindness, that nothing is permanent in life and that everything does change. Especially the weather.



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