Saturday, April 23, 2016

Letters to Tomorrow ~ HCF

Dear Tomorrow,

Food. It's the door to cultures. It's the key to hearts. It unlocks. It connects. It....yadda yadda.

You get it.

Food brings with it a lot of analogies of opening, bridging, creating, and building. I really do think food, in moderation, is a beautiful thing. I love it. I love to watch it, think about it, create it, be grateful for it, but most of all, I love to eat it.

Today I ate one of my most favorite things - hot chocolate fudge. Homemade! The original inspiration was a little shack called Corner House in Bangalore, but in its absence, Dan and I make a pretty good homemade version. Lactose-free vanilla ice cream, dark dark chocolate sauce, and roasted peanuts! Mummy's version is my first favorite, and then ours!

I hope you enjoy food and eating it as much as we do. I hope you see food in its whole form - nourishment and what our bodies need to grow, metabolize, and survive - not as your enemy that you must restrict yourself from. Try different things. Take risks. Be conscientious, sustainable, and kind to the world that brings you your food. Cook, for yourself and others. Experiment. Change ingredients, quantities. Set things on fire. Learn to use a blow torch to caramelize, appreciate the sound of pea pods popping, dig your hands deep in a bag of rice, feel warm butter melting against the roof of your mouth, let watermelon juice drip down your cheeks, let garlic fly around with heat, slurp on the slurpiest noodles, use salt to make your vegetables sweat, use your hands while cooking, clean them thoroughly first, fight with corn hair stuck between your teeth, play with raspberry chunks on your tongue, lick the batter bowl dry, watch something transform in the oven, note how cloves swell in oil, cry your eyes out to the lament of an onion. After all of it, sit and enjoy a yummy bowl of HCF.



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