Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Letters to Tomorrow ~ Let People In

Dear Tomorrow,

Today, not for the first time, I realized how much I have grown because of Dan in my life. We are different in many ways, and I like that we can be our own people and know how to breathe, grow, and live in our own skins. But we also share this cocoon, this den, this turtle shell in which we learn to ask for things we need and we experience the joy of doing something for one another. It takes courage to live in your own skin and it takes courage to let someone in. Whether it's your shell, den, cocoon, two bedroom apartment, closet, cozy bed, or life - it's hard to let someone in. But it's so worth it, if they're willing to share a space with you.

Today, I spent time with two wonderful humans. As I did, I noticed how many of my empathetic behaviors have been influenced by Dan. Whenever things take an alarming turn, Dan will always put people first. He'll always ask you first if you're okay before outwardly noticing the glass that just broke from out of your hands, and its contents now staining everything. He always says, like his mom does, "Things can be fixed. People always can't."

I have learned so many special things from Dan, and I feel like a better, stronger, more whole person having let Dan into my life, and being a part of his.

Can't wait to let you into ours.



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