Monday, April 11, 2016

Letters to Tomorrow ~ Listen to your body

Dear Tomorrow,

Our bodies are and will always be wiser than we give them credit for. You don't need to be an embodied cognition expert to know that. Sometimes, my body is telling me to get up and get moving before my mind is fully awake. Often it is my body that tells me to slow down, before my brain has had a moment to realize how frazzled I am. This weekend I got to change the pace of my body and listen to stories of, for, by, because of, and thanks to yonis. One after the the other, I listened to and watched with awe tales told by women of our yonis - giving voices to lips that don't always make sounds that the world understands. It's really an energy-filled experience to be in the presence of such phenomenal women, cis and trans, allies, and change-makers. There will be numerous times in your life, where the world will deafen you with booming messages telling you to listen to the seductive sounds of unattainable bodies. Be skinny. Hate your legs. Shun your body hair. Hurt your self.

Don't listen to a single one of them.

The only voice I hope you will learn to listen to and love is your body's. Your body will tell you stories etched under every follicle and behind every wrinkle; stories of lines shading the boundaries of your eyes that laugh with your mouth - deep and without care; stories of healing scars on your hands reminding you of the battle you won against your own fears and compulsions; stories of shiny stretch marks caressing your legs and waist, bearing proof that you have life to be proud of. If you listen closely, each stretch mark whispers sweet secrets of a body that has braved change, and lived to love itself.

Our bodies are always telling us these stories - shadowing caution in the purple of a bruise, or begging to be held tight and cozy in the shudder of a shiver - our bodies are talking to us.

I hope you'll listen to yours.



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