Friday, April 1, 2016

Letters to Tomorrow ~ Love Exists

Dear Tomorrow,

Yesterday I found something old written by someone in my past about me. There were warnings of how I would never find love and deserved pain. I thought about these words for a while, and took what would help me grow and shed the rest of the hatred and anger.

Love is everywhere. It's hard not to run into it, not to find it. Love comes in many forms - intimate, partner, passion, dreams, children, siblings, animals, memories, and more. Sometimes love is in a kiss shared in Kruger while petting a lion after 50 years of marriage. Sometimes love is in smiling stupidly while dancing to your favorite song. Sometimes love is sending you sister a text every morning telling her you love her. Sometimes it is in the first bite of a meal made with passion. And sometimes it is falling asleep listening to Dan softly breathing, and wondering just how lucky I got to have found his love.

Lovingly, with love that very much exists,


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