Saturday, April 16, 2016

Letters to Tomorrow ~ Use all your senses

Dear Tomorrow,

The progression of snow today - hour-by-hour from 7am - 2pm
The sound of rain falling methodically on my roof
for no cogent reason
brings wafts of cardamom to my nose.

There are no cardamom pods being cajoled open
by the rhythmic pounding of my stone pestle
grinding cardamom fumes my way.

Yet, I smell languorous cardamom soaked in milk
sweet and warming my insides
without a tongue ever touching them.

I taste sweet mangoes
oozing their sunny gorgeous yellow
fleshy smooth pulp.

They stay momentarily in my mouth
while thick wiry fibers make themselves at home
in the most unwelcome places in my mouth.

They leave their entrails behind
coaxing me to stick my fingers with determination
to free them from the prison of my teeth.

No cardamom, no mangoes
just the persistent patter of drops
pouring down mango and cardamom flavored nostalgia.


P.S. - Take the time to experience the rain, snow, whatever the weather (or what's happening around you) with all your senses. You never know when you crave cardamom or mangoes ; )


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