Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Letters to Tomorrow ~ Wabi Sabi

Dear Tomorrow,

Today I woke up feeling unwell and progressively got worse through the day. It's hard to retain your positivity during times like that, but it's all the more important. Then in the evening when Dan got home, he got something for me in the mail that was just what I needed to bring a smile. There are going to be many amazing people you meet. When they come by, I hope you will see them for all they are, whole and beautiful, wondrous and kind. Today I found a smile in a beautiful creation by a wonderful child. Wabi Sabi is the name given to this artistic creation, and wabi sabi it is. Of Japanese origin, it means an acceptance of change and imperfection. Life is filled with imperfections, and I really believe that's what lends to its beauty and among other reasons, makes it worth living. Ironically, this artwork was done by someone who I think is perfect. She is brilliantly strong. She is loving. She will light the whole world up with her smiles and will sing Itsy Bitsy Spider with her eyes lit up with excitement and make you feel like nothing else matters in the moment. Nothing but embracing, accepting, and loving the beauty of every imperfection in our world.

I hope you will find friends and loved ones who remind you of wabi sabi. Friends like her.



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