Monday, April 18, 2016

Letters to Tomorrow ~ Write, read, play with, sing, dance to, cry with, and breathe poetry

Dear Tomorrow,

Today, I read a poem written by one of my favorite poets. I have many favorite poets by virtue of having taught many children who wrote poems. Today I read one using personification. It was about a gentle breeze waking up as the sky fell asleep. I remember the first time I fell in love with a poem  - it wasn't the first time I fell in love with words. But words in that lyrical order unveiling stories only the poet hears, and making sounds dance - I loved it all and fell voraciously in love with poetry. I remember wanting to snuggle up with words in my favorite poems. I wanted to breathe them in, rest my weary head on their sturdy shoulders. I wanted to let their fingers sneak between mine with their twists and rhymes. I wanted to be sweet-talked, told-off, buttered-up, let-down, soft-soaped, heart-broken, tucked-in, and lifted-up by poems. I could spend hours rereading the subtleties of words, wondering which nuance I had missed or if I had skipped any lines to read between. I would replay lines, write them down, tattoo them in my mind - enjoying the pain and the love with which I was holding onto them. I love listening to, writing, reading, and exploring the whimsical edges of a poem with others. I loved writing and reading poems with my students and reading my kids' poems.

I will read a lot of poems to you
I hope you will read me some too.

I hope we can write poems together -
building worlds with words hitherto unseen,

revisiting a sunrise like the similarity of a simile,

finding frivolous alliterations aloof and adrift,

personifying poems as people lost in the woods of words,

finding the time to search for a rhyme.

Appropriately Challenging Rarely Overturned Stories To Invoke Creativity,

solderers of words find anagrams orderless.

I sure hope you do too,
whether you employ dimeter lines or walk on two feet.

You could sweat blood when you learn that
love is as blind as a doggerel.

Or you may just find
a haiku hidden behind
lots of poetry

Whether it's a hymn, ode, or an elegy,
I do outrageously love myself a clever hyperbole.
Like the lovely limerick lady,
I hope you will enjoy poetry with me.



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