Saturday, May 28, 2016

Letters to Tomorrow ~ Be You

Dear Tomorrow,

Life will give you many options to pick a you. You'll get challenges, opportunities, paths, and victories. You'll find yourself in predicaments, celebrations, over hills, and down pits. Wherever you go and whatever you encounter, I hope you will choose every chance you get to learn more about who you are. I once loved someone who didn't understand when I said I needed to find myself. He mocked me and ridiculed my search. It hurt because I thought the world of him. But it hurt a lot more because I didn't think much of myself. It took a while, but I think I found her hiding somewhere inside. Once I found her I realized a few things:

1. She had been there all along, I just needed to see.

2. She was made by me and a few others who I let into my world.

3. I get to decide who she is.

4. She changes.

5. I am her.

I can't wait to find more of me through you and I hope I can be there whenever you need me as you find and keep finding yourself.



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