Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Letters to Tomorrow ~ Kulfi Khao

Dear Tomorrow,

About a month ago Didi gave me kulfi molds. You know how the saying goes, when your sister gives you kulfi molds, you make kulfi. So, I did just that.

Most people I know like to practice a recipe/dish before serving it to guests. I had a dear friend once who would do a trial run of every dish in a meal before inviting friends. Often, I got to eat the rough draft, edited version, and the final creation. Couldn't complain!

I personally find that uninteresting. I think it's okay to try new things for the first time with others. Not everything can be perfect at all times, and certainly not the first. Somehow though, because I'm working hard to make sure my recipe doesn't cause chemical fires and/or release noxious fumes of failure, I usually like how my food turns out the very first time I make a particular dish.

Like today, I decided to (possibly slightly ambitiously) make kulfi. "How hard could it be to freeze a bunch of stuff in molds?" thought I so very foolishly.

I called Mummy and asked her to remind me how she made kulfi for those Air Force dinner parties when we were kids. I said "No" when she asked if we had khoya. And I said, "Hell, no" when she said you have to cook milk for something like 3 hours. But my resolute mind wouldn't budge - kulfi I would make. So, I decided to shortcut my way out of wasting electricity, my patience, and time by watching milk condense for 3 hours and bought a can of condensed milk.

The rest entailed, in honesty, my favorite part about cooking - mixing ingredients, following my trusty nose, and adding what I thought might be yummy. In today's case - mangoes, cardamom, and saffron.

Result: not a bad first time kulfi crop!

Take risks. Life's too short for trial runs. Kulfi banao...khao.



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