Saturday, May 21, 2016

Letters to Tomorrow ~ Look, then See

Dear Tomorrow,

Every day, Dan and I work hard to look at one another and see who we are, who we are being, what we have to give, what we need, and how to love on each other to make this all possible.

Some days we only look, and things happen that come in the way of us seeing. When we just look, it can be through a layer of worry or doubt or other such feelings that stem from a shaky sense of self. Sometimes looking is easy and those layers protect us from ourselves.

It takes courage to really see. Past the anxieties, let-downs, dropped expectations - there's a lot going on. There is a lot to see outside and within.

There are moments when seeing is incredibly hard, because seeing into Dan's eyes means allowing him to see into mine. It means allowing him to see all my inadequacies and all my failures. But it also means embracing and accepting his vulnerabilities. Often I don't see my own ability to take a risk until I see it through his eyes.

I feel grateful to have Dan's perspective and non-judgmental love. And it's also brave to see and be seen.

Take the time to look at people and the world around you. Then, find your strength to see.



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