Monday, May 9, 2016

Letters to Tomorrow ~ Swim, don't Sink

Dear Tomorrow,

I hope you'll love the water as much as Dan and I do. I hope you'll have many chances to see for yourself just how Dan's face lights up when he's in water! 

I have always loved being near water. Whether it is looking at it in its endless vastness, floating in its nonjudgmental embrace, drinking its soothing comfort, or the smell of it on thirsty earth. As I write this, over a thousand farmers' lives have shriveled to nothingness like the parched earth that drove them to despair. Water is a rare gift, not to be wasted, and not to be taken for granted. Water also reminds me that life presents us with many tributaries that warrant swimming, because the alternative is to let torrential currents of hopelessness drown you. Stay afloat, my dear Tomorrow, there's much to experience - including the day after tomorrow, and the next.

As I came up for a breath between every stroke today, I noticed the likeness of swimming to life. You set out confident in your deep breath and able lungs, only to be shocked into an uneasy breathlessness, which you abate by pushing out of the water for a short gasp, letting in only a sliver of the oxygen you need to keep going. It takes several attempts before you get the hang of it - dive, emerge, breathe in, breathe out, repeat. And if you don't bring your attention to each breath and how it makes your lungs feel, and how it causes your entire body to move in a motion unknown to your land-self, then before you know it - you reach the edge of the pool, and your lap is over.

Swim, dear Tomorrow. And notice each breath as you do. Laps are too short sometimes - make the best of every stroke.



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