Thursday, May 5, 2016

Letters to Tomorrow ~ Tesser Well

Dear Tomorrow,

Dan and I talk often about birth, life, and death, and things in between. We have our own beliefs about what happens when we, our bodies, die. Dan often says that death is the end and we come from the world and must go back to it. Living forever makes no sense in that respect. Life really is a journey because the end, in some ways has little consequence or meaning according to what we believe. Because we see life as such, the unfair (young, tragic days, for instance) really feels unfair. It may seem dire to some, our belief that death is the end and there is no beyond. But, to me, it makes the journey so much more worth it. It makes the journey the purpose of this existence that we are gifted with. It makes the journey worth living every breath to its fullest, and it makes our goal to live a sustainable, change-making, oppression-free, just, kind, loving life even more critical. I wish you a journey filled with love, kindness, risks, adventure, courage, hope, and I wish for you to walk this journey with pride and love. Tesser well my sweet Tomorrow.


P.S.- don't forget to eat ice cream along the way. It makes the journey sweeter.


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