Sunday, May 8, 2016

Seven Years

I held you tight and,
not for the first time,
pressed my ears snug
against your heart.

Its thumps tell a story.
Even after all these years,
it tells me stories of years gone by...

Once upon a time,
seven years away,
a wee girl and boy
figured out a way.

A way to be together,
more than being in touch,
for India and the United States
were apart by far too much.

Too much distance,
had already kept them apart,
so they mutually decided
it was time for a new start.

New start, new beginning,
they set out on a day so fine,
with loved ones by their side
they wedded on May 8th 2009.

Seven years have gone by,
since celebrating outside our door,
I have loved every moment of these seven
I can't wait for many many more.


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