Saturday, May 21, 2016

What adventure lies ahead?

This is a story
with a beginning and an end.
it's not an easy tale to tell -
it's about an incredible kickass friend.

Like every story it begins with,
"Once upon a time there was,"
a girl named Sarah who deserves our applause.

Sarah's journey began in the land of the Bengals.
I had to Google that because,
whether it's foot or base, I know little about balls.

Her adventurous spirit took her out west.
And to the bears of berkeley she brought some of her zest!

With Mila by her side, Sarah took on the world.
Engineering? Dancing?
Nothing she wouldn't take on as her adventures unfurled!

Developmental teacher education became Sarah's pursuit.
Oakland and Berkeley got an amazing teacher,
and then she was someone's recruit!

Said the recruit to Sarah,
"Wanna come work at Logan?
It's awesome and you'll work weekends!"
She considered it and replied, "Well, it depends!"

And depend it did!
And boy was she in for a ride!
Changing, trailblazing -
she took it all in her stride

Camping, climbing ropes, an expert in fashion.
In her time at Logan, she helped kids find their passion.

She asked difficult questions about inclusion and diversity.
She shared her expertise with others
at circle, stamp, and POCC!

No one stood in the way,
of a volleyball she threw.
She knows how to joust and spike,
(Yes, I had to google those too!)

Sarah is all of this and so much more.
She's been my friend, inspiration,
and an ally to the core

So, Sarah, as you end this journey here in Denver,
I wish you love and adventure.
And I have one question and one only -
When can I plan my vacation to Miami?


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