Friday, June 17, 2016

A Day of Many Days

Dear Dan,

What a day it was today! We remarked so often how it felt like many days. I guess time moves at a different pace when you're relaxed and feeling whole!

Our day began with exciting stuff - getting our home finalized! It's so beautiful that saying yes to it was a much more effortless decision than figuring out which sunscreen we would need from Von's (which we learned is the SD version of Safeway). And sunscreen we most certainly needed for our beach bumming day! It was so incredible to see you enjoying yourself in the water! Definitely a happy sight! The water was perfect and so mesmerising to get lost in. After the beach, we got to eat at some of our (and Didi and Vansh's) favorite places!

Some uncanny things also happened today:

☆ Our B&B host totally forgetting who we were after talking to us for 20 minutes yesterday.

☆ Getting told I smelled nice by the lady behind us in line at the grocery store.

☆ The Tinder date gone bad. Very very bad. When your date locks herself in the bathroom - can it be good?

☆ The girl who literally told on you at the gelateria.

☆ Getting calls from movers, property managers, and car repair folks during our day.

☆ Sitting on the ground and being level with most 3 year olds in Balboa Park.

☆ Seeing the prayer group in the middle of the park.

☆ The girl ignoring your request to not run over the lizard.

☆ The man who knew I wanted the guava candy.

☆ Learning how an arch-cantilever bridge works.

☆ Walking across an arch-cantilever bridge.

☆ Seeing the dog drinking from a water fountain. 

☆ Remembering such wonderful times with Vansh and Didi in so many places we went.

☆ Watching the sea lion do yoga, oops, I mean vomit.

☆ Awesome uncanny - people have been nothing but nice to us so far, including the guy who told us to run for it across a busy street; all the people who give us directions when we clearly look like we're from Jupiter; the chef who made our entire meal vegetarian based on our choice of protein; and making it on time for a gorgeous sunset!

I can't wait to see what tomorrow will hold for us!

I just love you,


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