Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Letters to Tomorrow ~ Sucky vs Bright Side

Dear Tomorrow,

Today sucked. It won't be the last time a day sucked. But some good things came out of it. There's something undeniably sobering about being hopeful. It's human to see the bright side. But first, today really sucked.

Sucky: Lady backed into our car in the parking lot, ignored my honking, had a big car (bigger than ours) and dented our bumper in an unpleasant way, and asked me why I didn't go back into the spot when I saw her coming at me.
Bright Side: Dan and I made a strong team, stood by and up for each other, he was assertive when lady blamed me, and we have insurance.

Sucky: bumper got bumped
Bright Side: people were fine

Sucky: not the funnest way to start our day
Bright Side: we left super early, so weren't late to the doctor appointment

Sucky: we had to sit on the phone with insurance for a long time
Bright Side: we got a helpful person on the phone and the insurance app made things much easier

Sucky: doctor appointment took ages
Bright Side: got many tests taken care of

Sucky: appointment tired us out
Bright Side: we got to cuddle and rest together and celebrate Dan's teaching credential with yummy dinner

Sucky: doctor appointment was frustrating, disheartening, maddening, disappointing, and heartbreaking
Bright Side: we held hands and have each other

We held hands and have each other.

Find the bright side and let it shine.



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