Sunday, June 12, 2016

Letters to Tomorrow ~ Today, my heart aches.

Dear Tomorrow,

There are days when people, hatred, and violence make no sense. Even love seems elusive and confusing. Love, that should be equal and without conditions and judgement. Love, that comes in all shapes, forms, colors, with all sorts of distinctions, permutations, and knows nothing about killing. That love needs room in our hearts, minds, families, communities, and nations.

That love took a giant hit last night. Senseless violence only breeds pain, and with effort, a greater propensity to love and be loved. We humans, we're odd. We rise from ashes leaving a trail of debris, and still know how to hope. We hold broken bodies in our aching arms, and still find a way to love again.

Love. Equal, unencumbered, somber, vivacious, radical. Love.

It always wins.

In the face of hate.
In a world of hurt.
In a time of wounded communities.

It heals.

It's so hard right now. But while I sit enveloped in anger and pain, I need to remember to love. To send love to those who've lost. To send love to our wounded communities, friends, family, and loved ones, so we can heal, so we can forgive, so we can change, so we can change, so we can change.

So we can change,
how guns are bought;
how hate is bred, manufactured, cultivated, packaged, and delivered;
how lives are forever broken and changed by a single instant;
how we support those of us who need hoards of love;
how we bring folks to account;
how we call out hate for what it is and not demonize entire communities;
how we let terror terrorize us,
Or not.

Today, I'm heartbroken. I will be tomorrow too. But my heart will heal. Far easier than many others aching and losing room for love in their lives.

I ache for them.



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