Saturday, July 23, 2016

Goodbye Colorado

Dear Dan,

Today, we said goodbye to my first home in this country. We began our adventures early enough and left little pieces of our hearts behind at mom and dad's. I can't stomach goodbyes, which was again proven true by the dull stomach ache I had our whole trip today. Our route out of Colorado took us through a little journey back in time through all our favorite spots and all the places we lived in. Traffic cooperated and before we knew it, we were driving gingerly alongside a lost sheep in Glenwood Springs. We never did make it to Hanging Lake and I loved how we both said, "Next time..." as we drove by the exit for it. Thanks for helping me eat my lunch as we zipped through and past the western slopes, past Grand Junction, and then suddenly and sadly crossing the oddly fonted "Leaving Colorful Colorado" sign into "Entering Utah". Bland turned to dry untouched bland, and then into parched dry untouched bland. We then entered Canyonlands and the landscape shifted to my favorite historically fantastical rocks that make me feel like I'm walking with dinosaurs and that someone let gigantic gooey drops of chocolate chip cookie dough drip from a spoon onto a baking tray. Writing about baking trays reminds me - thank goodness for air conditioned cars! The 100+ degrees Fahrenheit temperatures outside became more bearable as we trailblazed at 90 mph (Yay Utah!)

My favorite parts about today that made the heartbreak of leaving family, friends, and places behind bearable were:

■ Taking wondrous memories
■ Our 50th Mile Memories
■ Our 100th Mile Dance Parties
■ You

St. George is hot (102 degrees Fahrenheit at 10pm and feels like hell), but there's no one else I'd rather be driving through southern Utah with, and no one else I'd be saying goodbye to our first home with, no one else I'd be excited to start our new chapter with...than you.

With all my heart,


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