Thursday, July 28, 2016

Letters to Tomorrow ~ Bug, Bugger, Buggest.

Dear Tomorrow,

There are some days that you will look back at and laugh. When they are happening though, you will not feel that way. 

Like today, when Dan and I opened our box of masalas, with a supreme sense of excitement at the prospect of making dal-chawal to treat ourselves after a long day of settling in, only to find nasty bugs devouring our masalas, all our other spices, and most of our food. The grumpy packer must've been really grumpy to have misled us with information about packing our food. We had to throw away all our food, clean out our kitchen as we were unpacking, and spend our evening giving each other pep talks about taking on the bugs. 

One day, we'll laugh at this story. Today, is not that day. 

The best part about it - we were on the same team. And Dan did make me laugh, just not about bugs ; ) 

(Dan - timesheet, sign, neat)



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