Saturday, July 30, 2016

Letters to Tomorrow ~ Ice Cream Cannoli

Dear Tomorrow,

Today, we unpacked some more, ran errands, stayed positive, and our home has begun to look more like our home. After a full day's work, we headed out to enjoy Balboa Park, the food truck festival, and a beautiful night out. We watched the sunset and hundreds of people going silly over Pokemon Go. And then we bought beers and enjoyed them in our new home. But before all of that, we decided to try something new. We had some cannoli stuffed with cookies and cream ice cream. At first, I was skeptical. But Dan's confidence helped me and we gave it a try. You will learn that I'm adventurous about many things, but food is often not on that list. It was worth it. It was the perfect cannoli and pre-dinner dessert.

Sometimes it pays to try new things. I hope you always have the courage to try your ice cream cannoli.



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