Friday, July 8, 2016

Letters to Tomorrow ~ Wander

Dear Tomorrow,

Today, Dan and I wandered a lot. We wandered through trails and allies that seemed familiar, and those that were new to us. As we wandered, I realized a few things I wanted to share with you:

∆ Wandering is more fun when you're with someone you could get lost with

∆ When wandering, allow yourself to get lost

∆ Realize when you want to be found

∆ Be open to finding bits of yourself in corners, under awnings, and through doorways

∆ Tread carefully and openly

∆ Leave little or no footprints

∆ Acknowledge your fellow wanderers with a smile

∆ Honor your meandering journey - it's unique

∆ Pave your own path, and wander on it

∆ Explore nooks, you never know what you might find there

∆ Remember - not all who are lost wander, but when you do wander, you might just find yourself



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