Friday, August 5, 2016

New Bonds, Old Ties

Pani-puri contests
on sweltering summer nights
of summer days that rose
in uncertain silences
as we awkwardly refamiliarized ourselves
with what we'd known for years
Those same summer days set
under mosquito nets and
gratitude for a nighttime breeze
on those cool summer nights
Dancing and enacting songs
feeling brave crossing busy streets
to see Nani-Daddy
the link that tied us
with shared roots
beneath the earth that raised us
Eating ber, creamy fudge, fafda, aam ras
Making memories from food
Over food
And around food
Dressing up for garba
Dressing up for plays
Sharing moments, stories,
and more laughter than I can capture in words
My first best friend
My confidante
My rock
My co-dreamer, co-conspirator,
How time has lifted us to different parts
Of this world,
Of our lives
How time had changed us
Brought more people to love and call family
And time has watched us grow
And has walked with us
To doorways and paths
Of life transforming us
As we unwittingly tinker with it


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