Monday, August 15, 2016

Whose Independence?

Is this a celebration of
our freedom from dependence
our dependence on servitude?
Who is free?
The I, you, they, or we?
Or all of us - 
are we free from misery?

Maybe for you,
this is a day to be thankful, to feel blessed.
Or perhaps it's a day to mourn, to commemorate, to celebrate.
Or it is a day to know. To learn. To feel. And to understand - 
our very dependence
on independence.
My independence is a little tiny treasure
that is a privilege,
far beyond that
which was won by plenty of renowned enigmatic men,
and a few forgotten women. 
My independence was won. 
My independence was born...
is being birthed.
It is a fight and a celebration and a quest to know.
The burden of which lies not on the shoulders of unnamed revolutionaries,
but in my own tiny hands held tall by 9 and 3/4 fingers
How did you celebrate your independence today?

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