Friday, February 10, 2017

The Two Sisters

This may seem like just another ordinary
Tale told, just any story
But don't be fooled so easily
This isn't just any
Old story about two
Very special sisters,
Sure seems like it's about
Me and you
Not quite though
As special as we may be
This story is not about
You and me
But about another sweet trusty pair
Made of two similarly designed
Three and three
To make a complete thirty-three
The beauty of this palindrome
Tailored from three tens
And three ones
Tells the story of not one or two
But decades in the threes
Not an easy feat
To be a lovely thirty-three
With grace, poise, and wisdom
That you embody so perfectly
This shapely number
Born from multiplying experiences and primes
Is not divided easily
But its reversible beauty might
Trick you from left to right
Or maybe it's just a reminder
That 33 needs to be playful
And filled with love and light
So as you begin this new and exciting journey
To new and exciting places
Don't forget to celebrate
Each moment as it is, unfiltered
Happy birthday
My most special sister


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