Monday, February 5, 2018

Diaper Excitement!

Dear Manzil,

Like most first time parents, your Mamma and Daddy get very excited about a good poo! Especially after 9 days of diarrhea, it made me jump up and down to see 3 very good looking poos! I was so pleased to note that their texture, consistency, smell, and color (notice the thankful omission of one of the senses ; ) seemed to return to normal. Normal - that's one adjective I have not used in a while to describe the past few days. We've been so worried about you. So sad that you were in discomfort. So upset to see you in pain, shivering with a fever, and confused about what's happening to you. Normal will be slow, I know. But this feels a gazillion times better than even yesterday.

With diaper joy,
Your silly Mamma


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