Wednesday, February 7, 2018


On a Tuesday eight months ago
You became a baby from an embryo
And nothing's ever been the same despite
The occasional sleepless night
Since you were born to us in San Diego!

Eight months since you came out of Mommy
Most days you're pretty balmy
Some weeks though when your new skills form
You go through a tenuous storm
But, hey, it's never been a tsunami!

In the last few weeks you've learned to crawl
And though it may seem a feat so small
We could see how much effort you put in
To build up that core in your body-building
So now you're strong enough to slow your fall!

All that core is helping you play
And set you on lots of new adventures everyday
You're trying to communicate, that's for sure
Even starting to clap to ask for more
And we love how you say, "Mammma" & "Dadday"!

Every morning you sit up, independently playing
Able to stand up and look down at everything
Such a big boy, don't need to be rocked
But you had to wear shoes, because you won't stay socked
Manzil, we love watching you on the go and inspecting !

You love to grab our face slowly
To notice every inch so carefully
You still love munching on your toes
And sometimes we find- your fingers in our nose
And in your belly- khitchadi and ajwain pani!

Now that you crawl, you're always on the go
And you're loving pears, bananas, and avocado
This past month, we made your first sick call
And we're sorry for that yucky mucky Tylenol
You're kicking this virus' butt, and look at you grow!

You've gone from superman, to cat and cow
Your yoga moves make us go, "Wow!"
And we've been noticing lately
You enjoy playing with another baby
Maybe you're over your Momma/Daddy phase (at least for now)?

Here you are on a Tuesday eight months later
Teaching us new words like, "Eighter"
We are so proud of you and to be your parents
And we don't need any further assurance
Because we've known no joy greater!


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