Saturday, October 27, 2018

You will not be Erased

Dear M,

How was your first teach in?

Did you listen with your whole heart and body
When one after the other people came up
And told us how terrified they were of erasure?

Did you listen with your whole heart and body
How mindfully they chose their words
Knowing that they are monitored and policed all the time?

Did you notice how they asked their allies to step up
To be accomplices with our bodies
To stand in front of, behind, and besides
When push becomes shove becomes tear gas becomes bullets?

Our bodies may be so different from one another
Our voices sing and wail in every pitch possible

Our dreams though,
Our dreams bleed the same colors when they are bludgeoned

And though physics will teach you that the color white contains all colors on the spectrum
Be courageous

Challenge what you are told
For what you know to be true

That pink and blue skies are inseparable right before the day begins and ends
Just as we are all tailored with the same threads of euphoria and grief
When met with our beginnings and endings

And that white, of all colors, cannot fathom the beauty of all the shades of brown you are, without rendering you completely invisible

And you, my dear M,
Are anything but.

With powerful love,
Your Mamma


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