Thursday, December 6, 2018

One Point Five Years

If you have a Manzil encounter soon, you may notice that he is... Climbing up and down chairs, wanting to run on steps, imitating words, enamored by thunder and lightening, shouting "water" at the rain, telling us how big the moon is, able to find any fire hydrant from yards away, making fun animal sounds, watching and imitating mamma and daddy like a hawk, helping with chores/ghar ka kaam (cleaning up, watering plants, taking out pans and puts them back in, putting groceries away, cooking), taking off his shoes, trying to put on his shoes, loving his friend Lauren, painting with raw joy, relishing his BRADDA and berries, jiggying in his dance parties, eating from a big person plate and drinking from a big person glass, making pretend coffee and chai, diligently saying namaste, enjoying his friends and toys in childcare, combing his hair, borrowing our keys to try and open every door in the house, drawing, and one of our very special favorites... Sitting in our laps to read his favorite books.


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