My Soliloquy

Every poem tells a story. Whether it's Michael Ondaatje's plea to smell the Cinnamon Peeler's wife, Annie Zaidi breathing life into silent love, or Steve Turner's lament about the lack of skeletons in his closet - every poem tells a story. My Soliloquy is my attempt to tell mine.

The first poem I ever shared publicly was:

Democracy is not a privilege
She exists mainly as a whore
She is mine, not yours
And I will abuse her till she's sore

I was 14 when I wrote it and it took me down a fascinating journey of writing quartets, exploring my political and personal identity, and began my love for writing poetry. I have taught poetry, I try to write, read, live a poem each day, and I can say with love and without regret that poetry has changed my life. It has helped me follow my passions, work towards social justice, change others’ lives, and learn and grow as an individual.

My poems and letters tell stories of my childhood, of everydayness, of travels (Dear Dan letters), of being mindful, of children, of challenging heteronormative boxes, of gender justice, of anti-oppression, of rising in love, of a future yet to come (Letters to Tomorrow). I write to give voice to my younger self who didn't have one. I also write to tell stories of courage, resilience, and survival. Memories and strong women are common features in my poems. Occasionally, I also flirt with love poems. I write to garner strength and capture moments and words. I hope you enjoy the little journey with me and my soliloquy!

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